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Volunteering free essay sample

When you walk in, there are at least a dozen wheelchairs, surrounded by the murmur of voices and the sound of footsteps falling on the tile floor. Down the hall there is the sound of television playing and people laughing. This was the environment of the nursing home where I used to volunteer. I volunteered at Clear Creek Nursing Home every Saturday for six months. While there I saw how attached some of the residents become. Some have no visitors and are all alone. Their family members just dropped them off and never came to see them. So, I would keep the residents company. We would talk, do word searches, and go for walks around the building. When lunch time came, I would help serve food. Around holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas the residents became depressed. The nursing home had a cheery look to it, but the atmosphere was sad. We will write a custom essay sample on Volunteering or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It was like they had given up hope of seeing their families. I started to go and stay longer wheeling them down to the activity area to listen to people playing Christmas songs on the piano. That seemed to cheer them up. Even when there was nothing left to talk about and we just sat there, they were still happy. They knew that they were not alone. Sometimes, doing the smallest thing can mean the world to someone else. Going to the nursing home made me feel good because I knew I had been a big help and I made the residents smile. It showed how lucky I am to have my family around and know that they care about me. I know that volunteering there made me realize that I want to live life to the fullest. I do not want to grow old wishing that I had traveled the world. My plan after high school is to go to a four year college to become an emergency room nurse. After I’m done, I would like to travel around the world to places like Europe, Canada and Australia. I can apply a lot of what I’ve learned from volunteering to everyday life. I am able to show people that I have strong leadership qualities.

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UK Beer Market

Beer drinking is an essential component of family, social and professional life for many people living in the United Kingdom. The excessive trend of consumption has frequently been reported in the last two decades. High per capita consumption can be traced back to the middle ages.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on UK Beer Market specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, over the last century, beer consumption has varied considerably. According to the UK customs and excise department, per capita consumption of beer in the early 1900s was higher than any other point in time (British Beer and Pub Association, 2007, p. 3). The consumption sharply declined following the First World War and Second World War due to restrictions in the pub operating hours, and other measures, for instance, reduced alcoholic percentage and proscription of â€Å"buying in round† for fear that excessive consumption will weaken the comb atants. A small decline was also experienced during the Great depression of the 1930s (British Beer and Pub Association, 2007, p. 3). Since 1950s, the per capita consumption of beer has increased exponentially. The per capita consumption reached its apex in 2004. However, the consumption started to decline in 2006 because of the new taxation laws and the global financial crisis of 2007/2008. In the last five years, excise duty on beer has increased to nearly 40 percent. The escalation in excise duty has led to the increase in beer prices and cut-price off-trade trade buying. Strict driving laws, which prohibits excessive alcohol consumption also contributed to the decline. As a result, numerous pubs have been forced out of the business. The aggregate beer production also fell by 22 percent (TCS, 2013, p. 7; British Beer and Pub Association, 2007, p. 3). Figure 1: Per capital consumption of alcohol in the United Kingdom Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Source: Smith and Foxcroft (2009, p. 9) Despite the dwindling level of per capita consumption, UK is still among the highest beer consumers in Europe with an average per capita consumption of 89 litres. Hence, UK residents are considered to be among the heaviest drinkers in Europe. As a result, UK remains the largest market for beer manufacturers across Europe. As a matter of fact, 67 percent of the UK beer market is dominated by large multinational companies, for instance, Carlsberg and countless local breweries (IAS Facts Sheet, 2013, p. 5; British Beer and Pub Association, 2007, p. 4). There is a rising trend of homes being converted into entertainment hubs among UK consumers. In addition, beer is increasingly being sold in off-trade premises, for instance, supermarkets and other retail outlets. This offsets the amount of pubs and clubs being closed due to the escalation in excise duty. For this reason , the UK beer market is still lucrative with abundant opportunities (Smith Foxcroft, 2009, p. 14). 7 Ps Analysis of the UK Beer Market Data on the current trends in beer consumption shows that beer volume growth in the UK continues to improve since 2011, though it is still low as compared to pre 2006 levels. The development signifies that the UK beer market is on its way to full recovery. At the moment, customers are looking for real benefits from the products and are buying beer in relatively small quantities due to high prices. Furthermore, due to changing tastes and increase in household income, consumers are now looking for quality over quantity. As a result, there is a general swing towards premium beers. Stouts (strong dark beer) and ales are the most popular types of beer. This is shown in the survey result below; Guinness and Stella Artois tops the chart. Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on UK Beer Market specifically for you for only $16.05 $1 1/page Learn More The per capita consumption is high among adults aged between 15 to 34 years. They are considered to be the heaviest drinkers. This group likes to ramble and party. Therefore, they are the target market for most beer companies. Moreover, studies show that the current designs of beer appeal more to the youths than older people. Adults aged between 35 and 55 are also high alcohol consumers. They are known to frequent pubs, family get together parties, corporate events and major sporting events where alcohol consumption is rampant. This group of consumers goes to pubs not just for beer, but also for ambience and socializing. Therefore, these consumers do not choose an outlet based on the stocked brand alone. For this reason, the Great British Banjo Company must cater for this category of consumers. It is also important to note that, in the United Kingdom, men and women drink in equal measure. In addition, there are increasing cases of underage drinking, though illegal (Smith Foxcroft, 2009, p. 15). Majority of the beer consumers in the UK are very conservative and loyal to particular brands. The loyalty is brought about by unique taste of certain brands, general corporate social responsibility, and club sponsorships among others. They also value quality of ingredients that goes to the beer and time after time brewing style. For that reason, brand image and product quality are the most significant aspects. However, product prices are also becoming a significant factor. This is attributed to high cost of living and the current tax regime (British Beer and Pub Association, 2007, p. 5). Well established brands enjoy the largest market share in the UK market. Some of the most popular brands include Carlsberg, Budweiser, Guinness and Castle Larger. As a matter of fact, they control nearly 80 percent of the market. This is a major barrier to the new entrants in the UK market.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As a result, Shackleton brand will find it very difficult to penetrate the UK market. Hence, they will have to employ all the available promotional tools. The company can also explore the new and untapped UK markets, for instance, home entertainment. The promotion of beer and other alcoholic beverages in the UK encompasses a wide range of activities, including advertisements, sponsorships, featuring, loyalty schemes and electronic marketing among others. Alcoholic drinks companies have been among the top source of sponsorship in the last one decade. No wonder, they are very popular among clubs and their fans, for instance, Carlsberg is synonymous with Liverpool football club (TCS, 2013, p. 7). Increasingly, beer brands are being promoted to a greater extent in the internet and online social media. For example, in 2013, Anheuser-Busch signed a multimillion dollar deal with Instagram to popularize Budweiser brand. The social media enable these companies to interact directly with the e xisting and prospective customers. In addition, they also help in getting consumer views regarding a product or brand. According to the survey, promotional campaigns, featuring and visual aids are the most dominant channels used to introduce new brands into the UK market. The UK beer market has all along been known to use discounts and volume-based price promotions as key marketing tools. This was aimed at enhancing the consumption levels. However, with the introduction of minimum price per unit policy (MPU) such practices have been abolished. The new policy in conjunction with high excise duty on alcoholic products has forced brewers to increase beer prices. So, the two factors (MPU and excise duty) have a significant impact on the level of beer consumption in the UK (IAS Facts Sheet, 2013, p. 5). As indicated by the survey, most pubs and other retail outlets set their price margin at around 30% to 50%. The margin is not stable and, therefore, varies in accordance with the price s et by the brewers. For that reason, the Great British Banjo Company will have to produce low cost beer because it will be more attractive for the pub owners and other retail outlets. Since most beer consumers frequent pubs not only for a particular beer brand, but also for experience and socialization, serving mode is very important. Some brands, for instance, Stella Artois have set a high bar with regard to their mode of serving. They portray a very expensive image through their exclusive packaging, pint glasses and Draught Barrels (Stella Artois, 2012, p. 9). In the UK, most pubs serve beer in full pints, half pints and glass bottles. Half pint is increasingly becoming popular among low income segment due to the increase in beer prices. However, middle and high income segment are also embracing it because of strict driving laws, which prohibits excessive alcohol consumption. References British Beer and Pub Association 2007, Statistical Handbook: A Compilation of Drinks Industry Statistics, 2007, Brewing Publications, London. IAS Facts Sheet 2013, Marketing and alcohol, Institute of Alcoholic Studies, London. Smith, L Foxcroft, D 2009, Drinking in the UK: An exploration of trends, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Yorkshire. Stella Artois 2012, Stella Artois and the Virtue of Consistency: Synopsis. Web. TCS 2013, Brewery Industry in Transition: Embracing new Markets, Products and Consumers, Tata Consultancy Service Limited, Bombay, India. This essay on UK Beer Market was written and submitted by user D0m1n0 to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Death Of A Sales Man Essays - English-language Films, Films

Death Of A Sales Man was a good on in that all the charters were not wearing masks. Well anywise Willy Loman was played by Dustin Hoffman and well he did a great job portraying his charter. And he did very well. The move well little slow to the start but after it introduced all the charts and the things starting falling in place then that is when everything came clear. But I really feel sorry for Willy but in the same persificted I am pissed off at him, but he is cheating in his wife and well in my mind I dont think that is a good idea. But his sons take most of the flak cus he makes them out to something they are not. See in my mind Willy is a dreamer and well he wishes that he and his family could always live the good live but in fact they cant. He lives in the burbs and well he is also in a dead end job, that will never take him or his family any where. His family consisted of his loving wife Linda, she was the back bone of the family she kept everything in live and going in the right direction for Willy and his sons. Then there was Happy, he was the player and tycoon and always looking for recognition from his father, but never really got it. Because there was Biff his pride and joy he thought the world revolved around him. Then there was Charlie Willy only true friend ever thought they would fight on a regular basic that still were friend and Charlie ever help Willy out with a little side cash just to keep things running at home. But still Willy is always in a dream state it is like he is taking drugs and seeing theses thins and imagining them. He should have tried to get some help but he was to staborn. In to I see so many of my own friend day dreaming cus well, dreaming is good because I you think about and Theater

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Googles Strategic Plan Analysis Essay

Googles Strategic Plan Analysis Essay Google Strategy Plan Analysis Essay Google Strategy Plan Analysis Essay Google Inc. is one of the largest and most powerful technology companies dealing with internet related products and services. Although the company started from a humble beginning, it has grown significantly, and developed some of the most convenient applications and online services that we use today. These applications include Gmail, Google Earth, Google Chats, and Google Maps among others. The company has managed to win the competition against former giant corporations such as Yahoo, Alta Vista and Microsoft. The current paper presents a strategic plan for this giant technology company for a period of five years starting from 2014. Four strategic goals discussed in this paper include; to become the primary interface of the world, to improve the quality and access to the internet, to â€Å"own the home† and to control more of the purchase cycle. By becoming the primary interface of the world, the company plans to be the main choice in all internet and non-internet related oper ations of our daily living. In terms of â€Å"owning the home† the company plans to have gadgets and appliances that will be used in all aspects of living, at home and even at the workplace. By controlling more of the purchase cycle, Google plans to influence the commercial activities’ patterns of its customers and increase its share of the financial pie by indulging more into the commercial world. Improvement of the quality and access to the internet will be the key goal of the company’s expansion and efficiency as most of its activities require reliable and convenient internet connections. The Most Dominant Search Tool The most dominant search tool on the web today is Google; a company that was born in 1998 in a garage, in the minds of Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Google has seen a rapid and steady growth and success story from nothing to becoming the dominant search engine in less than 8 years. Today, Google Inc. is the largest multinational company that specializes in various internet-based products and services. These products and services include software, online advertising technologies, cloud computing and search services among others. The company has several subsidiary companies such as YouTube, DoubleClick, Songza and feedBurner. On the 10th of August 2015, Google announced the reorganization of its interests as a holding company, and became the leading subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. After the restructuring process Google became the umbrella company for the entire Alphabet’s internet interest (Google, 2015). Over the years, Google has made significant strides in the world of internet related products and services, creating some of the most widely used online services that had previously not been thought of. These products and services include a combination of search engine options, photo and file sharing platforms, Google maps, operating systems and applications that run in a vast array of devices among many other life changing inventions and ideas. It is evident that Google made these strides in the contemporary world owing brilliant ideas and strategic planning and effective implementation of such strategies. This paper seeks to explore Google’s strategic plan, paying attention to its mission and vision, assets, competitiveness, challenges and opportunities, and its strategic goals. Mission and Vision Statements Since 1998, Google has grown according to the guidelines provided in its Mission and Vision statement, which has led it to its current position as one of the most powerful and valuable brands over the globe. Its Mission statement outlines the strategies of business, such as the creation of new products and services. It is focused on innovation and excellence. Furthermore, Google’s Vision statement pushes the company to achieve new heights through rapid innovation and excellence. The company’s success can be attributed to the company’s efforts to fulfill their Mission and Vision statements. Google’s Vision statement is â€Å"to provide access to the world’s information in one click.† This vision statement reflects the nature of the company’s business. The most popular product of Google is the search engine service, which provides easy access to information to and from people around the world. There are three fundamental variables in this Vision statement; accessibility, world’s information and one click. The company gets world’s information by searching webpages. It then maintains databases that contain the indexes of these webpages. Finally, the firm fulfils the accessibility variable by providing its search engine services to all people around the world with access to the worldwide web. The one click component here signifies the ease of access to information to anyone and anywhere on the planet. Google’s Mission statement is â€Å"to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.† Since its foundation, the company has focused on creating proprietary algorithms that maximize its effectiveness and ensure that people have access to the information they need. The Mission Statement has four variables; world’s information, organization, universal accessibility and usefulness. The company effectively follows its Mission and Vision statements by searching webpages, and organizing the information through its proprietary algorithm. It then provides universal accessibility to this information through their search engine services available worldwide. Summary of Internal Assets Assessment The main stakeholders of Google include; investors, users, employees, advertisers and developers. Google provides services to more than 12 billion users every month and this translates to more than 70 percent of the world searches. In the US, Google has more than 89 percent of the mobile search market. This is a huge clientele base and the strategies are aimed at keeping them happy and satisfied. Google has more than 53,600 full time employees and generates about 66 billion dollars in revenue globally (Statista, 2015). Their guiding organizational value and culture focus on the user, and they believe in doing something â€Å"really well.† The company also believes in fast internet connections and â€Å"democracy† on the web. The provision of fast online services and the ability to choose from an assortment of available services help Google to achieve their mission, and it is evident they have become the largest online goods and service provider among the available. Goog le has achieved these milestones by providing valuable and organized online services at convenient level that is imperfectly imitable, like in mobile gadgets and devices (Jurevicius, 2014). Summary of External Environment Factors Google’s external factors are mainly based on technological changes, and they serve either as opportunities or threats to the company. The outlook for the industry and market is very promising, especially if the company will be able emphasize its strengths and work to seal its weak points. The most significant political factors among Google’s external environmental factors include; globalization, stable political climate in major markets and state-sponsored online companies that pose a threat. These political factors in Google’s external environment are mainly opportunities. Globalization increases the demand for online advertising. The stable political climate in major markets minimizes obstacles to the firm’s expansion. Economic factors that will impact Google include rapid economic growth of developing countries and continued economic stability in major markets. These factors present an opportunity for growth as they create a momentum that can be exploi ted by the company for global expansion. As for social and cultural factors, there is a rising diversity of users in today’s world, which presents an opportunity, and as noted, the increase in the use of social media advertising poses a threat to Google’s main revenue producer. Technological factors include the significantly rising growth rates of internet access in developing nations and rapid adoption of mobile gadgets and devices globally. An improvement on the available mobile-friendliness of available online products and creation of new ones to meet changes in global markets will boost the company’s growth. Despite the fact that Google generates most of its income online, the company is subject to ecological and environmental factors. The increasing awareness, spread of environmentalism, and growing interests in sustainable businesses present an opportunity for Google to integrate these factors into its product and service delivery. This will improve customer responses as most people perceive environmentalism and sustainability in a very positive way. Legal factors have a significant influence on the operations of the company. The increased regulations on online privacy and intellectual property rights give a chance to Google to improve its privacy measures and protect its clients, in addition to discouraging the violation of intellectual property rights. This will give clients a sense of security and they will be happy with Google’s online services. These factors present an opportunity for the company to achieve its vision and strategy, which will be faced with a few challenges, although the company has a potential to overcome these threats and accomplish its mission and vision (Google, 2014). Assessment of Industry Competitiveness Google is well suited to compete with companies that offer similar goods and services. With the ever changing and rising diversity of internet users, tapping this opportunity will give Google a competitive advantage over potential rivals. There is reported an increase in social media usage, which can be perceived as a threat as some social media websites like Facebook are being used for advertising. However, Google still has an advantage, since its ads are found in different websites providing different kinds of information to a wide variety of clientele. Based on Porter’s Five Forces analysis on Google, competitive rivalry exerts a significant force on the company. Threats of substitution and new entries are moderate considerations to the business industry environment. The bargaining powers of both suppliers and buyers are minimally significant factors, and Google should focus on addressing the strong forces of competition. The diverse set of products comes with a diverse set of competitors, and the only significant threat is the low switching cost to other similar companies (Smithson, 2015). Summary of Opportunities and Identified Key Challenges There are numerous opportunities that can be a boost to Google if they are exploited to their full potential. These include The driverless car that Google is working on could significantly improve Google’s income in addition to bringing convenience in the society, especially for people who are unable to drive. Google’s Nest is developing â€Å"the internet of things.† This is a low level Operating System(OS) meant to run on a variety of devices, creating a communication layer like a weave that will allow devices with low level OS to communicate, making it easy to control them. Robotics projects. Google owns several robotics projects that create a variety of robots ranging from robotic dogs to disaster response robots. Other Moonshot projects in their development stages, such as project Loon and Project Glass. There are also key challenges faced by Google today, and moving into the future. These include; Overdependence on search. Today, more than 80 percent of the profits made by Google are generated from search. This shows that they are heavily dependent on search services, indicating that if the search service collapses, the company will face extreme difficulties in raising revenues. State-sponsored online companies pose a threat to Google, as in the case of the Chinese government’s control of large firms in China. Strategic Goals Google has a strategic plan to be effected in the course of five years starting from 2014. This plan consists of four strategic goals. To become the primary interface of the world. In our day-to-day activities, we connect, create and discover, and we use a bunch of tools that primarily make our lives better. Although these tools have constantly changed over the years, they are a fundamental part of who we are. The primary strategy of Google here is to become the ultimate life tool, to be the primary lenses between the customer and everything else, to be the link between a person and the world around him or her. There is power and beauty in connecting the things that are used to shape the world around us. Google seeks to provide the option to live almost every aspect of our daily lives through its interface. This strategy will tighten their hold on search in addition to opening up new revenue models. For instance, a Google made gadget wakes a person up in the morning, he or she runs on a Google Glass enabled treadmill, and then a self-driving car takes that person to work. At work, the person spends the entire day using Google business applications on Google devices, ordering food, chatting with family and friends on same devices, and then watches TV shows in the evening when he or she gets home (Wilson, 2014). To improve the quality and access to the internet. Google’s operations, growth and the speed of innovation are closely related to and dependent on widely available and fast internet connections. Today, Google is exploring all possible pathways to achieve this goal. Google fiber will continuously rollout to different areas around the globe, putting pressure on other similar service providers to deliver cheaper and faster services. This strategy can also be implemented within the wireless industry, carrying out small implementations to meet customer demands while staying away from government watchdogs. In the near future, Google will facilitate more high speed Wi-Fi networks similar to the one in Chelsea, New York, in public transportation and neighborhoods to make more partnerships between Google and companies with similar visions. Projects like Loon will create additional connectivity, aiming at connecting more than 50% of the world’s population that is not yet connected by 2018 (Wilson, 2014). To â€Å"own the home† The house or home is one of the main focuses of Google’s strategic plan. A home provides a self-contained environment that gives opportunities for technological innovation, especially when it comes to connectivity, automation and content. Google’s acquisition of Nest puts the company in a leading position to build on smoke alarms and digital thermostats to conquer the emerging connected home and security market. These markets are coveted by cable and telecommunication companies, but Google has an upper hand when it uses central development platforms such as Android (Wilson, 2014). Content is the main aspect of Google’s strategy for the home. Competitive TV products in specific Google Fiber Areas and Chromecast are turning into solid content platforms, with access to contents such as NFL among other deals to expand its Google Play service. New content owners are continuously brought to YouTube Platform in paid YouTube channels, generating more revenues. Automation is also on the strategic plan, with companies like Boston Dynamics aimed to create robots that will help out in executing household chores. To control more of the purchase cycle. Currently, Google only enjoys a small portion of the commerce pie, which they seek to increase significantly by 2018. Google plans to use online ads to influence different aspects of products purchased. For instance, they seek to connect online advertisement to retail shops and stores by sending taxi to pick the customer for free and take them to the store to purchase the item they clicked on an advertisement online. Google is also expanding product comparison tools by offering the â€Å"recent press† around Google’s Flight Search evolution. They also plan to add purchasing functions in the main content platforms such as YouTube, Chromecast and Glass. Possible moves to increase their percent of the purchase cycle in the near future will include acquisition of more companies with unique yet fundamental products and services (Wilson, 2014). SMART Objectives for Each Strategic Goal To become the primary interface of the world. To become the primary choice of connection by 2020 To create gadgets and devices that will enhance convenience and connectivity in day-to-day life To provide primary and secondary connections between gadgets in the office To improve the quality and access to the internet. To provide fast internet connections with other partners in major cities by 2020. To expand Google Fiber network by 150 percent in the next five years. To provide low cost fast internet connections in 100 cities in the developing countries that will exhibit potential for growth by 2020. To â€Å"own the home† To set up content streaming services including big league games like the NFL To establish and maintain a strong customer base for Nest’s products, like smoke alarms and thermostats among other. To provide affordable â€Å"home office† working packages for users in major cities in the next two years. To control more of the purchase cycle. To increase the share of purchase cycle by 10 percent in every financial year until 2020 To use online advertisements to market goods and services offered by Google and its subsidiaries in order to increase revenue by 15-20 percent by 2018 To roll out more products and services that are market oriented in the next financial year. Placeholder Sections Marketing Plan Google is more than just a search engine as it specializes in technology and innovation. The search engine serves as a window to all sorts of webpages, videos, clouding books and music. The company’s main income is generated by an advertising program called AdWords. The program uses Keyword-based ads that are sold to companies. For instance, if one sells spectacles and sunglasses, they bid against other similar dealers for the highest place in the order at which the search results appear to customers (, n.d.). Implementation Plan The company will invest available resources in implementing plans while paying attention to the small details, especially regarding customer preferences and satisfaction. Google is also willing to invest significant amount of resources to smaller firms with the capacity and the knowhow to create revolutionary gadgets, inventions and services. Other companies with similar interests that are looking for strong, both short and long-term partnership with Google will be highly considered. The rolling out of better quality and access to the internet, especially in the developing world will open up opportunities to exploit numerous untapped potential for the numerous products and services offered by Google. Human Resources Plan One of the main human resource tricks by Google is to make employees happy and satisfied. A team of experts will be hired regularly to test employees and gather information on how to improve products and service provision to customers. Keen attention is to be paid to the small things that have a great impact, such as the welfare of employees, namely health, and ensuring minimal wastage of precious resources such as time. Data will be used to establish the way of thinking among employees, and how to better manage the operations of the company. Financial Plan There is a concerted financial plan put in place that ensures the growth of revenues in an accelerating pace. The available resources will be invested in key areas that exhibit maximum effectiveness in managing costs and generating revenues. Resources will be made available to new expansion projects, innovations and developments that show great potential for growth. A team of experts will be working round the clock to forecast possible future financial results and determine the best pathways to invest the company’s resources along with the pursuit of the short and long-term goals. Contingency Plan Diversification will be a key goal for the company going into the future. Generating income from different angles will shield the company from collapsing. However, in case of any unfortunate occurrence and if Google is adversely affected, the company has set aside enough resources to raise the company back to its feet and start operations again. The company has agreements with other financial institutions that will ensure provision of enough resources to fund the company back to operation in case of a disaster.

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Most Common Attribute Error Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Most Common Attribute Error - Essay Example According to Huczynski & Buchanan, (2013), fundamental attribution error is a â€Å"tendency to attribute another’s behavior to dispositional qualities, rather than the situation itself.† (p. 34). For this type of error to occur, there must be a valid situational factor in that people end up overestimating the dispositional attributions. Psychologists have proved that humans have a tendency to judge others without having any prior knowledge of what actually happened and thus apply dispositional attributions. Since it is something impressed in a society, Brookwell (2013) proposed that this type of attribution error is purely a cultural bias because it focuses on personal responsibilities and not behavior. Self-serving bias is a tendency to stable, dispositional factors and failures to temporary, and its link to self-presentation and self-esteem (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2013). Therefore, if an outcome, either success or failure, contradicts expectations, people will be likely to make situational attributions. When taking exams, a good number of students have hopes of performing well. However, when the results are out and they realize they have failed or performed far below their expectations, they always justify their failure with external factors, which are not controllable in most cases. Therefore, when people fail in cases where they put in a lot of efforts, they always attribute their failure using situational factors. Considerations that affect self-serving bias include projection of self-esteem in future, emotional state, desire for positive self-esteem, and culture. When people perform well with lots of efforts, they attribute their success to dispositional factors. In most cases, talking about failure is something everyone tries to avoid because of the unexpected reactions from friends and family. In the context of failing an exam, it is very easy for people to know even if they are not told

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Healthcare finance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Healthcare finance - Assignment Example Variability in contribution further implies variability in marginal cost equation because contribution is an element of the equation. In addition, contribution has direct impact on profit and change in the environment, with volume remaining constant, means lower profit to volume ration because of lower contribution. Further, reduced marginal cost, due to discount the discounted fee for service environment shifts the break-even point. Consequently, contribution influences change in the other three elements of the analysis (Gapenski, 2008). Ability to identify factors to cost is one of the important attributes of cost drivers. This allows for cost determination and ability to control costs. Another important attribute of an effective cost driver, which transcends to effectiveness of cost allocation, is the ability to identify the level at which cost occur, a feature that facilitate understanding of costs and their control (Gapenski, 2008; Kinney and Raiborn,

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Marketing of Company Revive Gum that Removes Stress Essay

Marketing of Company Revive Gum that Removes Stress - Essay Example Products such as energy drinks and vitamins have become a popular commodity amongst consumers. Moreover, the features of our product extended far beyond just the traditional needs of the customer. The innovation of making a product that not only is packed with energy boosting supplements such as L-Carnitine, treated for failing memory, Echinacea, proven to improve immune system response, ginseng, but would also whiten teeth. The gum industry according to studies is also a huge market accumulating for 60% of the market share and is estimated to be worth $19 billion in sales. Also, gum is such a cheap commodity that is purchased by every demographic group from children to senior citizens. Hence, the group decided that this would be a great market to enter in. Revive, is an innovative gum product that is scientifically proven to reduce stress in everyday basis. Revive uses all natural vitamins and ingredients that are proven to enhance memory, diminish stress, and enable the person to a chieve unbelievable focus. Revive uses key vitals ingredients such as B12, B-6, L-Arginine that energizes the nervous system. Revive also uses all natural ingredients such as Fluoride and Calcium to whiten teeth. Revive is the only product in the market possesses all these features. One of the major problems identified in today’s society is the fact that people are engaged in activities that produce stress. Our study proved that around 70% of the population was heavily involved in stress-related activities. Clearly, a solution was needed to resolve that particular problem. Furthermore, research showed that people admitted that they are a better person as far as coping with stress is concerned. In addition, 60% of the people approved that dealing with stress in a natural way gives them a positive direction in life. Most people also reported feeling weak and lethargic when faced with stress. Clearly, people wanted to feel better and live better, which became a critical componen t in developing our product. Hence, as smart marketers, we decided it was a smart idea to create a product that not only whitens teeth but also acts as a stress reliever.